AUGUST 25th 2009.  Time for a bit more mind therapy.

It’s a cold miserable night, with the wind howling and rain teaming down.

The house lights occasionally flick off, which could mean a long night without power.

I decided to relax tonight and maybe continue with the next stage of a project, I started a few months ago.

Leaverite mine headframe in “O scale,on the left. I started this a few months ago.

Leaverite mine in HO scale on the right, built by Laurie Green. I purchased this model about 8 years and now finally got around to re building it in another scale.

Each piece of timber is cut and placed.

                         Time consuming, but great therapy for the mind.


Timber 12 x 2 for the external cladding.

                 To be added at a later stage.

This 1:48 ( O scale ) section, is the upper stage of my Russell Mining Co expo layout. 

The concept design has been changed a couple of times, but seems everything is falling into place this time round.

STAY TUNED for updates....................      

During the week, I constructed a few more “detail shelves in various scales.

         Great way to find a home for detail parts.


The guy in the middle is 1:32 scale .

Shelving / detail parts in 1:48 & 1:32 are perfect for 1:24 / 1:20. 3 scale projects .

There are NO rules. If it looks right, GO for it...........           

The Figures shown are 1:24,    1:48,    1:32  

Detail parts in 1:48 & 1:87 are perfect for 1:32 scale projects .

There are NO rules. If it looks right, GO for it...........           


Leaverite mine in “S scale, built by Bill Black

I took some photos of it recently, to use as a guide, for my project.

Armed with a load of strip wood and drawings, that I up-sized &  photocopied from HO to O scale.

Drawings “stuck-up” around the place as a guide .

                   No TV in the office tonight.

“Progress”.............. only 4 more to go.    Damm !!!! ^%$#@$#%^%.                      

I decided to pre cut the gables out of cardstock.  Cladding will be glued to this.

Shelving made from scrap timber and off cuts