Sometime back, I played around with many products, in my goal to achieve a realistic surface water. 

I purchased  a product that  gave me that “glass water” look.

Here are the results.

Base coat of Joint Compound to create waves.

Acrylic paints for colour. I use 3 shades and blend. ( Browns or Greens )

ULTRA high gloss “brushed” or poured onto pre painted base.

Application only takes a few minutes, while everything is still wet.

ULTRA high gloss “poured” onto pre painted base.

Joint Compound to create waves.

Add water for “pancake” mix

Spread with sponge brush

Add layers to achieve either flat water surface or heavy waves

23rd October 2013

Stipple waves with sponge.

Water ( Varnish ) was poured ( not brushed ) onto still wet paintwork.  

Masking tape was fixed to the edge of the base to stop any overflow.

Remove tape when completely dry.

Additional Varnish to be brushed on and “blended”, AFTER wharf is fixed to base

23rd October 2013