Thorndike Mills

All photos and comments by Gregg Wenzl

Thorndike Mills is one of my favorite structures, but it was too big and too "eastern" to fit on my layout. Jim Lucas and I ( Gregg Wenzl ) teamed up to create this multi-level, western version. The wood structure was raised and placed on an angle (the only way it would fit), the bell tower was modified and the colorations were changed. It will look great downstream from Martin's Machine.

The wood addition is part of the standard kit. Bob did a great job with his kit design, where both the stone and wood structures are at ground level, with the wood structure at a 90 degree angle. To make if fit my narrow sloping terrain, I had to have the wood structure one level (floor) higher and had to angle the wood structure at about a 120 degree angle. I am very pleased with the result.


The attached picture shows one of the instuction book layout diagrams, with my preliminary design changes sketched out.