Sweetwater Mining Modules

It was time to start the track work for the upper deck of “Sweetwater”.

The top of “Dupler Stamp Mill”, will be 9 feet from floor level.

“Russell Mine” can be seen at the centre of the Modules.

I’m designing and changing , “as I go”...  I always have a vision of Colorado & Furlow in mind ...

           just hope it works...

I have again commenced working on the structures. Be nice to give them a home soon.


Mario    6th September 2010

September 2010.   

Foam Rubber mockups used to visualize rock formation.

September 21st 2010.

Structure, Backdrop & Rock diorama’s are separate sections, to make it easier to transport.


1:48 Scale. 14 Figures, 2 Mules & 5 Bins