Sellios Avenue FSM

I really liked the three street scenes that George did (Skinners, Houligans and Dexters) so I thought I'd make up another in honor of George and those three wonderful models that he produced.

My plan is to scratch-build three structures off of the F&SM - Reilly Window, Glover Animal Medicine and Fenstermacher Stoves. Also, if there is room, a FOS Hollender's Gym would round out the scene.

It's going to be a BIG model and a little bit of work, too.

So, I've been working on the cardboards and have them to the point where I like the dimensions and the looks so it is on to cutting some wood. The cardboards behind and to the right in the photos are ones that didn't work out so they will get tossed

Comments, Structures and Photography by Karl Osolinski

First, I make a template for every wall - it at least gives you a fighting chance to get the pairs of walls (especially the peaked ones) close to a match. You can see all the templates laying around. I use a new X-Acto #11 to cut the walls out and change the blade often - I used about 8 blades to cut out the twenty walls.

match the walls up at the bottom and then use tiny c-clamps to keep the two walls clamped together good and tight. I use strips of basswood with sandpaper glued on them to keep the clamps from moving around and also to protect the wood from the clamps. In this instance, the clapboard walls are clamped back to back just as they will be when the building is assembled. I use the aluminum sanding block from the NWSL Sander to sand each edge straight and square. You will have to move the clamps around to be able to get to each edge on the wall