Russell Mining Co. 3/8n20

Dedicated to Roger Russell, who influenced me greatly, with his 3/8ths scale projects, in “Outdoor Railroader” magazine.

$2.00 acrylic paint to weather track and ties. Worked magic

  1. Russell Mining Co.
  2. 1:32 scale truck, heavy detailed by John Hunter

Track design allows room for structures in 4 areas.

Lightweight module 1:32 scale. Detachable backdrop scenery starting to come alive with foliage. Much more work needed to blend all the scenery and make it look realistic. Rockwork is made from Foam rubber - “FRocks”.


Real Rock

Each photo contain additional links

Russell Mining Co.

Mini Scene

Ore cars come in many shapes and sizes, used for various situations, ideal for those of us, who “rubber gauge”.

On30 ore cars are currently part of a 3/8ths project I had started.

A few years ago, I had purchased a handful of very cheap HO mining wagons, which of late are being modified to used on On30, 1:32 & Gn15 projects.

HO scale mining wagons, being modified.  Anything that looks like HO scale is stripped away.

Figure at far left is 1:24 scale ( Gn15 wagon ).         Next is a 1:32 scale figure ( 3/8thn20 wagon )

Next is an 1:48 figure beside a Bachmann On30 ore car.

Some of you maybe also be familiar   with the Grandt line ore cars shown in the photo.


With a handful of Porters, which can be easily modified and up-sized to other scales, Rubber-gauging becomes even more fun.

cheers   Mario    1st August 2009