Revelia Wharf

update:  24th Jan 2009

The whole structure -  walls & roof were given an undercoat of my special mixture of “driftwood” colour.

Last night the walls were stained with various washes.

Today the roof colour was selected. I chose “Rusty Nail” acrylic paint, unopened for a few years and now perfect for the project. I initially gave the roof a light coat of paint, mixed with a little windscreen washer fluid. When Dry, another full strength coat with a “large” brush.

I took photos of the structure after the first coat of roof paint, to make sure I was happy with the wall colour match.

A second, full strength paint coat. Actually, the colour looks better in person.

update:  2nd February 2009

Time to work on the windows

Before the project was started, I had an idea of what finish I wanted for the windows, . The above pic shows some windows receiving 2 or 3 coats of acrylic paint. Each new coat does not, entirely cover the previous coat applied. Using another “lighter” shade of colour and dry brushing, gives me the effect I’m after. 

I spend a lot of time on windws, until I’m happy with the finish & colour, always striving for the right look. Sometimes it happens by accident, just when I’m about to give up.

Dry brushing is applied  with a lighter shade of the final coat, without using the traditional “white”.

Sheet cladding glued to cardstock and additionial internal bracing applied.

I only use yellow glue for these stages, not the white stuff...

Board and Batten effect, for this area. 

Very time consuming excercise and uses a lot of timber, in 3/8ths scale..