Ore Cars

Ore cars come in many shapes and sizes, used for various situations, ideal for those of us, who “rubber gauge”.

A few years ago, I had purchased a handful of very cheap HO mining wagons, which of late are being modified to used on On30, 1:32 & Gn15 projects.

HO scale mining wagons, being modified.  .


Figure at far left is 1:24 scale ( Gn15 wagon ).   Next is a 1:32 scale figure ( 3/8thn20 wagon )

Next is an 1:48 figure beside a Bachmann On30 ore car.

Some of you maybe also be familiar   with the Grandt line ore cars shown in the photo.


With a handful of Porters, which can be easily modified and up-sized to other scales, Rubber-gauging becomes even more  fun.

cheers   Mario    1st August 2009