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December 23rd 2012

After receiving a number of emails requesting a selected number of my personal photos,
I decided to create a CD containing a few thousand Hi -res photo’s of layouts I have visited, such as
Jon Addison, Hangman Creek , Alan Rockett, Geoff Nott, Dick Elwell, Chuck Doan,
Brian Ellerby, Brian Nolan, Jim Noonan, Juan Carlos, John Labara, Muskrat Ramble,
Charging Moose by Geoff Nott, Steve Pettit, Vulcan Vale, Sundance Central, Malcolm Furlow ( incl video )
and Prototype Railroads such as  Railtown, Seaport Village, Scranton,
the “Puffing Billy” , Australian Sawmills, New Zealand Railways.

  A few selected videos have been added on a FREE bonus DVD
During the last 10 years I have been fortunate to have captured, on old video format, 
some famous layouts, some of which do not exist today. Geoff Nott ( Leigh Creek HO,  Leigh Creek On30, Muskrat Ramble ),
Jon Addison ( Silverton Central Sn3 ), Jim Noonan HOn3, Malcolm Furlow ( San Juan Central ) to name a few..
( PAL format,  not NTSC .  To be viewed on computer in USA )

I hope there is something of interest in this package for those who maybe considering making a purchase.

Sales help keep the Web Site active

                     “ Stay Motivated in Life “

                                           regards      Mario Rapinett

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All Photography & Video by Mario Rapinett

Amazing Mario. The disk arrived this morning – I can’t even get local post that quick!!

Thank you for responding so quickly. I wasn't expecting that.

Mario, very many thanks for the DVDs. Its a joy to watch them. Very nice Brian Nolan tribute.

But preserving these excellent photos is a tribute to all modelers.

Thanks for doing all this for everyone!

The discs arrived today. I've looked at the video and skimmed the photos, everything is perfect.
It'll take some time to look through all the photos, the workmanship is outstanding and they do give you a target to aim for.
Thanks for all your work in capturing all these layouts and dioramas.