Preliminary Module Design for future layout.

Cardboard mockups for module design. I actually made a cardboard mockup of my trailer to make sure everything would fit for transporting.

Cutting list for aluminium framing

HO standard gauge track alongside HOn3 track.    Dual gauge track also to be used extensively.

HOn30 track for logging areas.

Huge vertical scenery to be used, so valance is high.  Shadow boxes serve number of purposes. The scenes can be removed from the shadow boxes at anytime.  Modules can stacked on top of each other, to save on storage space, when not in use.

Concept is developing.

Scenery and bridges reaching the floor. Great add-on “mini scenes that dramatically expand’s the layout for expo’s.

Individual modules can be placed to the front and rear of main viewing areas.  Adding more depth.

Extra modules can be added at any time. All or part of the overall concept can be shown at any one time.

This whole project will be nothing more than a series of highly detailed dioramas, connected with a railway.

I consider track, locos and rolling stock just detail parts that make up the concept.

I have absolutely no interest in prototypical train operation.

Just turn the power on and let the steam locos run.


                 Mario Rapinett      

PS.  The above project was developed in 2003 and since been discarded.