Meyers Creek

Micro layouts are a great way to start learning about  scenery. 

Back in 2004, I created a small 4 foot x  2 foot, HOn3 / HOn30 layout.

It included a small and very compact town, made up of HO structures. 

As a last resort, an oval of track was added at a lower level to run On30 stuff, which gave a forced perspective to the upper level.

                     best wishes

                           Mario 2011

Light weight , aluminium framing

Scenery dioramas made at the desktop and added later

Natural materials bring the layout to life.

The concept / layout was well received at exhibitions and won a few “best of show” awards.

   A lot can be achieved with a 4 x 2 layout / module........( with add-ons )......





The town had a touch of Malcolm Furlow, with the addition of vertical scenery, made of styrofoam and “FRocks” .