Marty's Storage

In an  issue of “Logging, Mining & Industrial Annual” 2007 , I found a great article by Marty Jones, of his highly detailed Sawmill. He had described and built a storage cabinet, similar to those found in many workshops. His method, made it so much easier to construct both the vertical and horizontal storage panels.

After some success using strip wood, I decided to try another method using cardstock.

This is a fun one night project, which can add so much to a model interior.

Thanks Marty for the tips..........


Cardstock model in 1/2” scale

Cardstock model in 3/8th ( left )    &      1:24 scale ( right )

Resin  model in 1:48 scale ( far left ) by Sierra West Models.

This detail is an ideal size for both 1:32 & 1:24 scale)

You can see some storage cabinets in this  model by Chuck Doan.

Photography by Mario Rapinet