Mario Rapinett

My Early Days as a Musician / Drummer

       circa 1976 A.D


Relaxation playing music 2014

New Zealand


New Airport Opening Day

Theatre Productions..... working back stage and set construction

  1. Big M ( Mario ) drumming the blues away  in 2005      
  2. St Louis
  3. photo by Deb Smiley

Portland, Maine 2007

Michigan, USA  2005

Military Medals

Pasadena, USA  2005

Colorado, USA 2006

Boston 2007

Santa Clara, California  2004

I enjoy creating realistic scenes, with plenty of detail

San Francisco Airport 2007

Dirty Dancing  2006

Ive had a great time, in my life

photo by Mario Rapinett

Writing a Musical

Rock n Roll  2006

Lawn Bowls.  Several Master Singles, Pairs & Fours Championships, Premierships Titles.

Dual Champion of Champions Titles.

National Umpire and National Coach

One of my creative hobbies

M finally meets Kong

photo  by Weta ( Wellington, New Zealand 2007 )



I enjoy being creative