M.Cain & O.Bama

Today has turned out to be busier than normal at the fertilizer factory

All photos and comments by Gregg Wenzl

Hopefully, the Fannie Mae can stay afloat and not end up going under like the Wa Mu did last week. She can still be seen, but not for much longer

She was a site, slipping through the waters and up to the dock, though her load did tend to smell some. The workers, owners and everyone were eying her over and checking her out, when all of a sudden the biggest commotion you ever did hear was going on out back near the shipping docks. The bosses took off around the main mill to see what was going on and found that the American Economy came completely off the tracks.

There are all kinds of folks checking that out now. Seems like all they want to do is throw money at the problem instead of doing the hard work of just lifting her up slow but sure.

Oh, and that's when the new partner arrived in his spiffy red and white rig, J.O. Bidenís Finest Fertilizer.

Sure enough, Olí Bama, Mr. Cain and the Biden and Sarah Palin crews all spent time over at díBait rig, telling everyone about all these problems and how best to fix them.
Seems like all they do is talk and nothing ever gets fixed. They talked so much that some of the fence sitters couldnít stand it anymore and they got up and left.

So here we are, late morning and the Wa Mu is under water, Fannie Mae is being bailed out, that nasty I-Rack problem is still not fixed, they have no idea how to get that American Economy car back on track and all we have to look forward to today is the smell of this stinking business. Well, at least we get to wander down to the docks and check out the Sarah Palin. She does have nice lines.

The owners were down on the docks trying to come up with a plan to fix that fishnet drying rack on the working end of the dock. That I-rack seems to be a never-ending problem.

No one has fixed that I-Rack yet and the bosses cannot agree on what to do.

So, there they were, M. Cain and O. Bama looking things over and arguing about how best to fix the I-Rack once and for all, when all of a sudden all kinds of yelling could be heard, completely disturbing the morning quiet. It surprised everyone that that old steady boat, the Fannie Mae was sinking. The bosses and the rest of the crew were running in circles to put together a rescue plan and by the time they had agreed on what to do, that government boat came by with a crew to save the Fannie Mae. Yep, another government bailout job that we will all be paying for later

Thatís when the Sarah Palin from Alaska pulled in, bringing her goods to add to the mix

Olí Bama seems to be very pleased with this new partnerís special brand of fertilizer, but Mr. Cain seemed to think his stuff stinks. Those two just do not agree on anything. Just when words were getting a little heated, that old worn out Presidential díBait rig pulls up.


The rest of those fence sitters are still there taking in all that doublespeak and maybe hoping for new jobs. Now the AP Pole is leaning towards O.Bama.

The Fine Scale Miniatures Rollin Saywer Chemical structure has always been one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the standard kit design with its long structure just would not fit on my layout, so a rearrangement was in order. Jim Lucas and I ( Gregg Wenzl ) hope you enjoyed our modified version of Fine Scale Miniatureís Rollin Saywer Chemical, as well as our little bit of fun with these present election and economic times. This build demonstrates that many structures can be modified for dockside applications. It also shows that our hobby can help us through even the most difficult of challenges. Now I need to go finish the detailing and find a place it on the layout.