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Hey Guys
I've always wanted to try one of Bretts kits and some of his techniques. I've had the Rairoad camp for some time now so that's what I'm going to build (partially). I say partially because with the summer coming and the probable need to sell my house I'm not going to take on the whole thing at once when I know my modeling space and time are in question. Anyway I thought I would start with the "truck repair shop". I don't see the need to show you the usual pics of all the parts for the build as there has already been a full RR camp construction thread. I will take pics throughout the build however. As a builder of really only FSM kits I am finding quite a difference in the instructions. George takes you through the build in a very linear fashion and there is really no guess work at all. After reading over Bretts instruction booklet for a couple of days I am finding that there is more checking back and refering to different parts of the booklet and templates before you have a clear picture of what you want to do. Brett also intersperses more of his modeling philosophy along with the building steps and instructions. None of this is meant as criticism, but just the differences I'm finding as I start this build.
In just the small scene that is the truck repair shop there are a lot of detail castings to be painted so this won't be a quickie project. I'm also trying to decide if I'm going to place it on a base that will eventually be the entire diorama or on it's own base that can later be incorporated into a larger scene. I have primed some parts, blackened the metal stuff and started Bretts stripwood soaking method so it has begun. Sorry for such a long post.


In depth discussion of this diorama can be found at the following link


   All photos and comments by Kevin O’Neill



27th January 2013


Kevin passed away this afternoon... Hard to imagine.

He was so full of life.

Kevin had such a big heart, and was loved by many in our community and so very many outside of the railroad world.

I am very proud to call him my friend and will forever remember the great times we shared.

Rest in Peace my dear friend...