When the foundry at the Kendall's Boiler Mfg. Plant burned down, bankrupting old man Kendall, the town folk worried about losing another key business. Then along came the local railroad division head who recognized an opportunity and quickly purchased the old brick and stone mill building. Soon, other buyers were found to purchase the store and out-building. Now, after a couple years, the old Kendall's Boiler Mfg. Plant has become a key center of town activity.

Come and join us on a tour of Jim Lucas and I ( Gregg Wenzl ) latest creation,

Kendall's - After the Fire.

All photos and comments by Gregg Wenzl

Only the foundation and smoke stack remain from the fire ravaged foundry. The ruins have become a playground for the local boys, who seem to find new treasures on a daily basis. You can still see the black soot from the fire on the building side of the smoke stack.

The town had outgrown the old freight station and the Kendall's stone mill building was a perfect fit for the local passenger and freight service needs. A ticket office was added to the front and curved covered awnings were added to shade the passengers. The station is built on a curve and is a little uphill from the other nearby town structures

Freight service is handled off the main tracks on the backside of the station.

This diorama was cut on a curve so it will fit snugly to my layouts main line

Sitting just downhill from the station is the old Kendall's store, which was converted into The Station Hotel. Already a favorite family and rail-fan destination, where balcony views allow travelers to enjoy seeing the passing trains, the hotel rarely has a room available

The store (now hotel) structure was modified from the standard kit design, being built as a stand-alone building

I needed a station for my town of Diablo Falls and had been looking for a stone building to modify.

This latest South River Modelworks Kendall's kit had the perfect stone structure, plus it had an office that was perfect to use for an old western hotel. This was a fun build and demonstrates some of the possibilities with this SRM Kendall's kit.

Jim Lucas and I ( Gregg Wenzl ) hope you enjoy the results as much as we do.
This diorama will become a key section of my town, sitting down the road from Houligan's and up the hill from L&G, Wrisley and the various river industries

this one goes on the layout and was designed for a specific location on the high side of the town on Diablo Falls, with that one spur cutting over to the Houligan's build. The stone wall was just used as a backdrop for these quick pics. Here is one more shot

There is much more cleanup and detailing to be done, but this one is turning out nicely. I think it will be even better when installed on the layout

The various mini-scenes are what keep your interest and makes one want to keep coming back

I had four layout sketches for this station diorama

The hotel and outbuilding were eventually turned 90 degrees and the road with an added track was made to head towards town. The curved awning was a must. I promise to share pics as this one gets installed.


I was very happy with the kite scene, then today, while reflecting on my kite flying days, it occured to me that I do not ever remember flying a kite by myself. It seems there were always at least two of us. I then also remember what seemed to happen to me all too frequently, so created this revised scene

My string was always wrapped around a stick (though this scale 2"x2" may be a little big) and for some reason the wind always seemed to pull the string/stick out of my hand.

I remember those frantic chases trying to catch up to the darn thing!!

Yesterday, I spent time cleaning up and detailing The Station Hotel, adding weeds, flowers, corbels on the back side, fixing a sign, etc.

Here are a few update shots of Kendall's, now that the front transition has been roughed out.

Layout in detail...

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