KarlO - Menelli's Market

Received my Tichy windows yesterday and have been cutting the openings all day - man, lots of windows.

the storefront is an amalgam of the DPM Robert's Dry Goods. I sliced the top off of the wall and then added another section to make the window for the Sun Spot sign. I made the Sun Spot sign in Print Shop, copied it to Adobe, added the yellow background and the word "drink", then put it into Word to size and print - it took a little time.

I usually just dip the signs in Future Floor Wax and place them on the window - after the wax hardens the sign is affixed with no glue glops. However, on this model, the windows are real glass (microscope slide cover glass) so I decided to use adhesive transfer tape to attach the signs - the wax was not working right on the glass.

Here's what I do when I start something like this...just my way of doing it.

First, I try to get as many photos I can of the model

Draw up the walls on graph paper

Glue your cardboard walls together using a hot glue gun - if they look right, great - but usually it takes a couple mockups before they look just right - at least I can't seem to get them on the first shot.

Before I start any painting I go over every wall with this eraser - it cleans up the wood, removes any pencil lines and gives a little tooth for the paint to grab.

Here I am applying the first coat of full-strength, solvent based Floquil Grime. I've been using these paints and solvents for years in an unventilated area without any serious side effects. I think all the warnings are just to scare us.

Project Construction, Comments & Photography by Karl Osolinski