Jerry Kitts

Models, Comments and Photography by Jerry Kitts


Here is a car I did using some of the parts from a outside braced box car that we have
started but are far from completing as a kit.

Using the outside bracing and a flat car I made up a fruit car.
The fruit cars were used in California on narrow gauge lines that had short runs and no refrigerator cars.
For example the NCNG used the cars to move produce mostly pears from Chicago Park to Colfax to a fruit packing plant
there for interchange with SP.

The car looks like a stock car but it was really loaded with boxes of fruit.

I used Evergreen styrene to make the slates on the sides, decking, and things like the roof walk.
The car has all of its roof ribs and the roof comes off.

Makes for much easier painting and loading the cars with fruit boxes when I get to doing that.
I paint with solvent based paints then weather with Vallejo water based paint or oil paint.

In this case I used both methods.


Models, Comments and Photography by Jerry Kitts