Grinyer Bear

Hi Mario,

My latest project I am working on is a burnt out cabin in 1/24 scale, very pleased with the way
 it's progressing but still a bit to go yet, about 3/4 finished.

I have been for a long time wanting to do a diorama of a snow scene
so I have attached a few pics of what I have came up with plus I have
added a couple of polar bears too.
The snow is Woodland Scenics with a sprinkle of Hekki to give a bit of sparkle.
As for the polar bears I saw them down at the local toy shop, to make sure
 it was the right size for the job I got on to the web and checked out the specs.
The size for a male polar bear standing on all fours is between 7' and 9 ' long,
before buying I took a ruler down and measured the big one, it was exactly 4" long
which comes up at 8' in 1/24 scale. In real life you would not see a male polar bear
 with a young one so we will have to pretend it is a female who's to know.
 This was built since the last convention.

Richard Grinyer