Greymouth to Westport

May 2011, flew into Christchurch, ready for something different and ended with more than  I expected. There is never a dull moment, when traveling  to the South Island of New Zealand.   Scenery constantly changes every few kilometers and depending on the time of the year, weather can be sunny one minute, than fog & rain , then before you know it, bright sunshine again.


The following photos are a few memories during the road trip.  While petrol may be up around NZ$2.20 a litre, much can be seen in a short distance, compared to travelling on the highways,  within Australia. I did many miles on this trip and the total cost was around NZ$220. That’s cheap sightseeing over five days.

I like plenty of room, when looking for accommodation and was incredibly surprised with the “Anatoki Lodge” in Takaka. Lisa & Mark provide everything you need in a self contained lodge. The rooms are massive.  Had a great cheap roast dinner at the local pub. 

WARNING !!!  Be prepared for one of the steepest mountains before you arrive at Takaka. I did it at night, with rain and fog.  As Lisa would say “ It’s only a mountain. Get over it !!! “

The first night I flew into Christchurch I decided to pickup the hire car and head straight to Greymouth.  I had driven over Arthur’s Pass once before, but not at night time. Arrived safety around 10:00 pm and stayed at the pub near Shantytown. Nice 2 bedroom lodge for only NZ$100.


Mario Rapinett

I always fly Air New Zealand, to the Islands, including my trips to the USA.

First class service all the way.

The road trip photos start from Greymouth and finish at Westport. Scenery along the west coast is just awesome.  I could have spent a few days along there.


Mario Rapinett

Spent the first day / morning  at Shantytown and then heading to Westport in one day

The fog and the light rain was fantastic to see. I’ll be back one day to re visit and re discover this area on a hot summer’s day.

Also l’ll probably do the road trip the reverse way. Everything looks different on the return journey.

My “on the road cafe”.   Time for a “Jen” latte and a noodles snack.

The afternoon sun is out and enjoying the drive due North to Collingwood.

Nearly at Westport and ready for a good nights sleep after having chicken and chips for dinner with a glass of red.

Days 2

Onward to Takaka ( Tar-Car-Car ) and Collingwood

Road trip continue’s........stay tuned for more

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