Frederic Testard

The Sn3 Lake Itasca Railway and Navigation Company

Shots of the current highline.

On the left, at the present "beginning" of the line, is the Alexandria Gold Mining Complex, a big operation as shown in the pictures.

It is served by a short spur.

Photography & Comments by Frederic Testard

I had the pleasure to receive my friend Alexander Zelkin and his wife at my home this weekend.

Alex is a great Sn3 modeler whose work has been featured in many magazines, in particular with a long article in the 2008 Mining, Logging & Industrial Book of Finescale RR.

Those who are interested can see some pictures of his layout on this page of my website :

Here is a pic of Alex (right) and myself (left) just in front of the Alexandria Mining Complex on my Sn3 layout.