Don Railton

I entered the wharf as a structure at the NNGC in Portland, ME last year. My hope was to place in the top three structures.

I was amazed to leave the convention with Best Structure, the Caboose Hobby Award, the Mt. Albert Award and Best in Show.

The wharf also won Best Structure at the Nov. 2007 Craftsman Show in MA.

The scale is 1/32. Some of the details are from 1/35 military kits.
The wharf is appx. 2' x 3'

The faded signs are done by a simple method. I print signs from the internet using an ink jet.

While the sign is still fresh, I take a micro brush and carefully brush water on non-lettered portions of the sign.

The ink runs and the sign begins to look weather faded. I add some paint and powder where necessary and that's it.

 If I over-do the water, it ruins the sign and then I print another and try again.


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Photography & Comments by Don Railton