Doan's Dust

On my last visit to the home of Chuck Doan, I had a specific question regarding the highly fine scale weathering on his models.

Dirt or other selected materials are sieved thru nylon stockings to produce very fine “DUST” powder. He then applies to the models with a fine brush.

above photo’s  by Chuck Doan

Dirt & chalks have been used for weathering models for many years.

There are a number of commercial powder products available, however making your own costs nothing. Just a few minutes of your time.

I recently discovered shale rock, which I use for scenery , but it also has a “ready to go” very fine powder cover, on the rock face. Works wonders on models by applying with a small brush.


Mario Rapinett

To obtain a bulk amount of powder, I crush the rock with a mallet or hammer and use various size sieves for various rock gradings for scenery work.

Crushing the fine rock more and using the smallest sieve, yields my “Doan’s Dust”.

 I could take it one step further and apply Chuck’s method of using nylon stockings.