Coffey Gulch Trestle

A lot of timber goes into a 1:48 scale trestle bridge .

Sheet balsa is uesed to underside of shorter bends to obtain exact height to main trestle bend.

Jigs are important to construct a  trestle bridge.

Photo shows 1:87 bridge.   See Photo Right Hand Side

 I used the same jig for 1:48 scale 


I started the “Coffey Bridge “ back in 2010....


Today  21st December 2014, I decided to re-visit the project for some mental therapy, as I find building bridges not complex and not too taxing on the mind. 

Putting in the many NBW, takes the mind to another place for the “present” moment.

The following photos show what I did today.....

Where will this bridge go....  Not sure.... Not really woried about that at this stage

  cheers all


  “  Big M “



ALL my bridges have rail with four spikes per tie.

Yes... I’m a crazy Man !!!!

” Vellum’  is VERY similar colour to driftwood stain.


1:48 scale trestle bends using hardwood dowels ( obtained from hardware shop ).

Use a hand saw to ruff up the dowels, prior to construction.

Stain:   Highly diluted acrylic paints mixed with windscreen washer solution)


Note:  4 “micro” spikes per tie............

To be continued....................