Barry Dupler

Since 2003, I have been fortunate to have developed a close friendship with Barry & Janice Dupler, who reside in Seattle, USA.  It’s my first stop when I travel to the USA, to swap modeling ideas and to catch up on “Jet Lag”.

Barry, Janice, together with “Aussie” Edward Richards have travelled to many parts of the USA, including many times to Colorado, a place where we all share a common interest.

Here are a few photos by Barry Dupler, Janice Dupler & Edward Richards.   

Hope they come in useful, for  your next project or travel plans. 



Chama, New Mexico

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Durango in the snow, Colorado


Photos by Barry Dupler, Janice Dupler & Edward Richards

Camp 18

Camp 6

Train Mountain

Durango, Colorado

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