Anders Bike Shop Details

Models & Photography by Anders Malmberg.

1958 Honda C100 Mopeds.

       First of all this kit from DioPark is incredibly detailed and when checking against the original I canīt find anything that they have missed.
       Even the tiny 50cc engine is complete although itīs barley visible.

The "New Moped"

1.       Assembled according to the instructions however I didnīt glue the wheels, turn lights, knee pad (not sure what itīs called in English) in place yet.

2.     Air brushed everything except the lights with Alclad Gloss Black Base and then with Alclad Chrome.

3.     Brush painted the tires with a mixture of Humbrol flat Black and Tan. Enamels and thinner will make the paint flow nicely around the rims contrary to acrylics.
         When dry you can use acrylics as itīs not so critical to get close to the rims.
         A mixture of Vallejo Black and Sunny Skin was used for the final coats to get a nice semi gloss finish.

4.     Started to mask the areas that I wanted to keep in a Chrome finish while air brushing the green coat but gave up - itīs just too small
       So what to do? Had several 25 year old Humbrol gloss paint cans and made a few tests with brush painting those.
       Believe it or not these paints flows beautifully and on these tiny parts they look perfectly air brushed.

5.   Brush painted the turn and rear lights with a very thin mix of Humbrol gloss (red, orange etc.) to keep them transparent.
       Painted the seat with mixture of Vallejo White and Grey.
       When dry I gave it a wash of Humbrol Light Grey to outline the details in the seat.
       After decaling I air brushed the completed moped with Alclad Acrylic Gloss varnish.

6.   The bag was painted in a similar way as the seat.
       The camera was air brushed Alclad Polished Aluminum.
       A light spray from a can of Semi Mat Black (an excellent paint I buy at a car parts shop) was allowed to dry for a few minutes and then using
       Mineral Spirits and a 10/0 brush some of the paint was removed to reveal parts in the Polished Aluminum finish.
     The lens was painted with a thin mix of Humbrol Dark Blue and a final coat of Vallejo Gloss varnish.

The "Wrecked Moped".

1.     Air brushed everything in the same way as for the "New" one but this time with Alcald Polished Aluminum.

2.   Wheels were also done in the same way as for the "New" one.
       The missing front wheel ended up in the shop.
       Made quite a few dents in the "knee pad" with a soldering iron.

3.   Next I air brushed a coat of Alclad Acrylic Gloss varnish to protect the Polished Aluminum paint from the weathering procedures.

4.   Brush painted the dark and light blue areas with Humbrol enamels.
     Before completely dry I removed paint in select areas with Mineral Spirits and made scratches with a needle.
     The Polished Aluminum now showed through here and there in a nice way.
     Added the decals.

5.   Rust was painted using paints and washes from Humbrol, A.K. Interactive, artists oils, MIG Abteilung oils etc.
     Final weathering was done with various pigments.

6.   The seat was painted with Vallejo Red and scratches were made with a scalpel.
       By pushing the scalpel quite hard into the seat and then bend upwards I think I got the look of a vinyl seat that have been abused with a knife.
       Black washes and some dry brushing finished the seat.

     This is as much as I can remember for now regarding these two Mopeds