Al Carter

I had just flown into San Francisco , from Australia , the day there was a terrorist alert in London.  Long queues thru customs and immigration. A few hours later boarded a plane to Seattle to greet two very good friends, Janice & Barry Dupler.  On arriving,  and extremely tired, Barry informed me, that he had arranged , to meet a couple of fellow model railroad builders.

We travelled to the home of Al Carter and I was warmly greeted by those present. Once again surprised by the level of modeling around the world.   I took a few photos , had a cola and ate all the “cookies”.    Al is also a musician, so we have a lot talk  about next time and maybe have a “jam session” one day.  I’II be back for more home made “cookies”.

 Al was a great Host.


I was absolutely fascinated by this one little area. Winding roads lending into various parts of the town.  The area must have only been about 2 foot square.

Al Carter            Mario              Barry Dupler      Dave Kreitler