1:24 scale diorama, named after a friend of mine who lives in St. Louis


Many more details to be added

I decided to give the repair shop a home in a backwood’s setting. Scenery is by far my passion in the hobby. It allow’s me to recreate nature in a miniature world. Using natural materials in larger scales brings any model to life. However in recent times, commerical products have advanced so much, that I now incorporate some of them in my artwork.

I found the tree branch while walking along a beach front. It had so much character and decided to use it as a backdrop to compose the overall scene.


Foliage comes in many shades of colour. I buy a packet of each shade to obtain contrast. At times I blend two or three shades on a branch.


Some of the 1:24 scale details that will be incorporated in the structure / diorama.


Nearly finished. Just need to add murky water, reeds, wild life, etc along the edges.

Then back to completing the internal details of the structure.


Murky Water.

  I studied many photos to obtain an idea of water colour for this project. In the end I settled for a brownish look as shown in the photo.

A few acrylic paint colours were selected and I set out to achieve something that was acceptable.

It’s all trail and error, with a lot of “blending” of colours.

When I was happy with the base colour, High gloss clear varnish was added to achieve a water look.

More scenery details are added in and around the water line.

Dirt, grasses, wild life, etc still to be added.

It’s never ending form of art, starting with a blank canvas.

11th December 2010